I’ve grown up hating pain

And the whole thing of feeling it

And accepting my losses as well as it


Photo credit: imagingtheworld.org


My own folks have lived like this, for a while now

Always looking out over their shoulder

Afraid of that dark spot around the corner

Where everybody’s a stranger and a very big danger, to them


Photo credit: elizabetharoundtheworld.com


Trouble deepens and soars, when trust is paid out to somebody

The first thing that crosses the mind, is being hurt

And how, we don’t want any more of this


Photo credit: waterforpeople.org


My own father was a runner of sorts

Never facing his troubles like the pleasures he enjoyed

Busking his head down in the sand

One day, he developed this thing of vanishing or what you may call, taking the easy way out…the shortcut


Photo credit: robinsimon.com


Never looking back, for a second

To have a look at the damage he’s done or to try and face his dark days

Without placing the blame on anyone else


Photo credit: emanuelamantegazza.com


Are you like me?

Do you hang around and look Mr. Pain in the eye?

I hope you find the answers you need, on those trips.




36 thoughts on “Running away from my pain and troubles…

  1. There was a point in my life up until recently that I used to blame others, blame the world, blame everything for my problems and pain.

    But slowly, I’m realising that you create your own world. The way people treated you that you think is bad, you have allowed them to treat you that way. If you never speak up to tell them that it’s not acceptable, or remove those people from your life, then you’re allowing your pain to carry on. In the end, pain is a powerful learning experience.


  2. Very thought provoking article, especially with those pictures shown. Yes I must say I’ve always had a deep fear of pain, and that fear does control my actions in a big way.


  3. Nice, thought provoking post. I have changed a few things I have done wrong in my life but have plenty more I’m working on and trying to change. I try however to be the best role model I can be for my kids.


  4. I think we all loathe pain. Its something we all try not to feel and escape it, but sometimes its inevitable or even needed to move on from something or make yourself better.


  5. This is really powerful. I don’t even know what to say. Pain is awful, but also reminds us of the beauty in the world, and makes the good things even better. I hope it gets better soon though.


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