I have a duty

You have a duty

We all have a duty


Photo credit: chimpreports.com


To protect and serve


Question is, who are you protecting and serving?

How do I determine who to protect and serve and NOT?


Photo credit: theuganda.com.ug


Is it because the prevailing conditions, at this moment are in your favour, to be protected and served?

Is it because you’re afraid of something happening that you wouldn’t want the world to know about?

Or is it, because you are after that big promotion in the future?

Is it because family is mounting immense pressure on you?


Photo credit: fufa.co.ug


To many, protecting and serving means an honour and that’s why they do it with a lot of spirit and energy

No ties or allegiances

No “friendships” or “cousins”

To “shut out an eye to” when protecting and serving

Verification PS 042

Photo credit: The Diocese of Northern Uganda


Protecting and serving must NEVER about the paper

Or the past

Or about you being able to use your power to get what you want


Photo credit: unhewb.org


Protect and serve …has to be for the right reasons.



30 thoughts on “Protect and serve…for the right reasons!

  1. Sadly some were not raised to do the right thing and that’s what hurts some. We don’t agree on what’s right and wrong and that’s where we need to start.


  2. That is so important and a big reminder to do and opt for things with right and correct reasons. The ones you do with a good thought will give you success and a happy feel. We need to think of our country and citizens for sure.


  3. So easy to get busy in your limited perspectives and routine jobs… doing our bit… are we?
    It’s time to pause and think. Thanks for a though provoking post.


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