Me: Social media, my love

Social Media: Yes, sweetie?


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Me: What am I to you?

Social Media: Hhhhhmmmmmm…a lot, I think


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Me: I wanna know…am I just a friend to you…or somebody to just use and dump…or any other person out there…

Social Media: Perhaps, before all that, how best do you define me, in a sentence?


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Me: You got me right there

Social Media: Wwwwhhhyyyyyyyyy, beau?


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Me: My definition of you might pass off as extremely vague or ridiculous

Social Media: It’s oookkaaayyyyyyyyy, baby…I wanna hear it. Perhaps, I could help you straighten it out better


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Me: Oookkaaayyyyy….

Social Media: Am listening


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Me: You’re Facebook, Whatsapp, iTunes and Google

Social Media: (Drops a tear)…really? Is that all I am to you?


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Me: Yyyeeaaahhhh….that’s all I know how to define you…besides, you asked for it

Social Media: So heartbreaking…I thought I was way more than that to you….judging by all this time, we’ve spent together…laughing, talking, hugging, smiling, screaming, holding hands….and that’s all you know about me?


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70 thoughts on “My love, what am I to you?

  1. Such a funny story and such a deep meaning in it! We use social media only for Facebook, WhatsApp etc. But now a days, we can do so much. I’m into HR, and I’ve hired people from social media! So it’s really powerful! 🙂


  2. Such a little funny article. I like the conversation. I use so many social media, the most pupular usually. But i also got my previous job from there!


    1. Ooohhhh….very good to hear that. I did begin a good career on social media advocacy, too. But all that begun with understanding what social media was…and now, it’s a loving “marriage” to say. Thank you for sharing and appreciating.


  3. This is a cute story. I also define social media as Facebook, Twitter… But, I think it is more than that. Anyway, thanks for writing such a cute dialogue.


  4. What an interesting post. I love my social media but sometimes I feel like it takes most of my attention. It made me smile tho. Thanks.


  5. Very creative and funny! I agree with the love – hate relationship most of us have with social media! It helps you stay connected with the people you love, and even the people that post every minute of everyday!


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