My heart cries out in anguish


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Whenever I look at our soldiers

Our very brave men and women in uniform

Strapped with their guns, wearing their caps, at times wearing their medals of appreciation in service to their countries

Sometimes, with their backpacks back from their tours of active duty

Deployment Reunion

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Some of them return home full of expectations….wild ones at that and some others, not really

They don’t really wish to return to where their non-combat lives left off

Can you blame them?


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“War is not a joke”

“It’s not a place where you get to have second doubts”

“When bullets fly, you won’t say you weren’t ready lest you lose your head”

“If you want to avoid violence, it’s best you don’t start up a war”


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A lot happens when you shoot down something

Try to imagine what goes on in one’s mind when they shoot down somebody and kill them

Is their life ever the same again?

Do you ever recover from that?

What happens if this goes on unchecked?


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Then, the most interesting thing happens when they’ve returned home

Their sacrifice seems to have gone down the drain much faster than they could have anticipated

Back home, it’s like no one really cares about them or their welfare

Many a time, they are forgotten by the system that they put their lives on the line for

They are belittled, abused, trashed aside like they don’t really matter


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What do you think goes on in their minds at that time?

Or moments like those?

Because let’s face it…..those moments are inevitable; they will come through one way or the other


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Human interaction of any form provides ground for disagreement, that we must appreciate

Difference is, some people handle disagreement in healthy ways and others, not

During those moments when disagreement is handled poorly, one of ours may get caught in the line of fire

Often in time, reaction takes a back-seat because there are civilians around and calm response is offered

To which, it’s taken for granted (sadly)


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Did we give up our utmost sacrifice, for you to fight and disrespect each other this way?

Why did we even go to the bush?


Is this what we give up our lives for?


91 thoughts on “Is this what we give up our lives for?

  1. I completely agree with you on this! Our soldiers sacrifice so much for us. Their mental health and well being. It’s sad that those who make it back aren’t taken care of enough after all their sacrifice

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  2. I almost shed tears reading this. It is sad. Very sad how these people are treated (I think it’s worse in my country) and how we make it look like their sacrifice don’t matter at all. I hope we get better. I don’t know how.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is such a short reading but really have a big impact. Such a very heart warming insight about what soldiers did and do they sacrifice in saving lives.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Growing up in a military family, I can understand the risks and complications during PCS-ing (combat and non-combat) and afterward. Because of this, I am always very proud of the sacrifice that service members must make.

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  5. What a gut-wrenching post! I have nothing but absolute respect for the men and women that put their lives on hold for our freedom. I do think they need better care when they come home, instead of having the expectations that they’ll just integrate back into society like nothing happened. Great post!

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  6. I completely agree with you and can relate it bcuz of having a defense background . This is such a wonderful post ❤. Only a soldier knows what they are giving to their country & I think they doesn’t need to ask for respect bcuz they deserve that respect & salute from everyone . This is such a heart touching and emotional reading . Loved it , great work and you are asking the best & right questions from everyone .👍👍👍

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  7. Now this has a strong idea of what war is all about. Some story are good to heard and mostly is the opposite. This is truly amazing and to remind us of what we are now.

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  8. This is such a very emotional reading. I know how hard for a soldier to leave their families without any guarantee that they are going to come back from us. I salute all the soldiers who offers their lives for the sake of peace and freedom.

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  9. Nothing I can write here will truly express how much I respect military personnel. I come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and I know for sure war doesn’t get us any where.

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