There’s me

There’s my neighbour

There’s my parents

There’s my parents at school

There’s my teachers at school

There’s my peers on street

There’s my peers out of school


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There’s my pastor…

There’s my transport person

There’s my local council chairperson

There’s my county sheriff

There’s my news chief


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Most of all, there’s my mp

Then, there’s my house of commons and senate

There’s my cabinet of ministers

There’s my office of the presidency

There’s the first family

Top-most, there’s my president


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As mentioned above, there’s all of us

And then, there’s an education of a sexuality-type, which is comprehensive

To guide you in understanding better what I mean by sexuality, break off the first three letters of the word sexuality = sex

Then, think about any issue or topic that comes in contact with sex

Done that?

That’s what I mean.


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So, I get to ask you….having identified and known these issues or topics that come in contact with sex, which one are you responsible for?

And c’mon…..don’t tell me none! There’s gotta be one there, somewhere.


76 thoughts on “Comprehensive Sexuality Education – Who is responsible?

  1. Great post, making us all aware of our responsibility about talking about sex. Good to talk about it at home and schools and not to be afraid of speaking about it.

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  2. I believe it is a parents responsibility to teach children these topics in their own home. It is not the responsibility of teachers, schools or otherwise.

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  3. My parents didn’t talk about sex at all with me. I feel that I would want to talk about this with my children when I have them, but I have no idea how I would approach the subject. I guess I will know when the time comes.

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  4. Actually sex education is really needed specially in this days because most of teenagers they got unexpected marriage because of having sex contact. also here in Philippines it’s very sacred when it terms of sex.

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  5. Very important subject being highlighted in this post and comprehensive sexuality education is really important to be started early. However, there has to be an education for the educators on how to educate too.. all put on the list.

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  6. Sex education is such an important topic in this day and age. I think education has to start at home and continue on throughout the education system.

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  7. I grew up in a society where sex is very frowned apon. soon. The refused to give the proper education, claiming it etimes cause more sex before marriage. I think co stations about sex should come fromthe home, and everywhereyou have to learn. School, church, anywhere. That way kids can grow up and understand everything about sex to project them in the world instead of just sending them out with no education on it and expecting them to just I’m know how to be safe about it.

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