Decided on something

In another second, you undecided on something


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You was walking one direction

Then, you flip’ in heart and undecided to head the other direction


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Generous today with everyone

One year later, you’ve undecided on all that and are meaner like never before


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Sound like anybody you know?


I guess if you don’t like this whole cross-uncrossing thing, then you better ask yourself good why you’re always at it

And also, if you still like your life criss-crossed, keep doing your thing, y’all


62 thoughts on “Cross uncrossed

  1. I think myself to be a very indecisive person. I’m a planner though, but most times with plans laid out I still find myself undecided about so many things, and in those times I just go with the flow. I think everyone has their fair share of those “cross-road” moments and times.

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