“I want to be a journalist”

“I want to be a teacher”.

“I want to be a truck driver”.

“I want to be a doctor and be able to treat other children like me”.


Photo credit: newz.ug


…the list of “want-to-be’s” just won’t end….


And so, you begin living off your life, a day at a time

Seriously focusing your eyes on the thing you set out, to be

Letting nothing like dishonesty, take you away from course

Reporting anything suspicious along the way

Making friends east and west and from anywhere


Photo credit: bigeye.ug


With many of these friendships come uninformed and informed decisions upon which we run our lives

Some of us manage to join and roll with ‘dem gangs and crews on the south side

Others begin huffing and puffing the sky away

Others go pro with their sports dreams, talents and ambitions

Some others prefer to stay put with their lives and let them roll out on their own


Photo credit: entitymag.com


Whichever the path we take on, somewhat we manage to make it there

Either in one piece or a number of pieces

And then, it so happens that as we move along the streets of this life, we meet new people, some of who get to grow with us from day 1 to the end…..more like our siblings and we get to love them so

The story doesn’t get to be the same for everybody, though…..some of these friends of ours get thrown off the wagon

For a number of reasons….betrayal is a good one, keeping a bad distance is another, conflict of interest as we grow is another interesting one….


Photo credit: newsweek.com


At this point in time, we’ve grown and developed into something new and fresh

Picked up some behaviours, cultures, beliefs, habits along the way

Some we pause for a moment and think critically about….others….nnnaaayyyyy, not so much


Photo credit: ec.europa.eu


Remember when we spoke about uninformed choices and decisions?

Here’s where they return in our small chat.

Take the example of theft!!!

In the beginning, it might be thrilling….well at that stage; it’s what we call stealingthat doesn’t get it off the hook.

A buddy of yours might let you in on the whatsup about town in peoples’ wallets and bags.

As an initiation or fun….you knows.

At times, to test your loyalty and where you lie with it

You end up taking the bait….you’re too foolishly young to flip your world and see what lies underneath it.

1 Yd_Irx8Vy5Vw9XPXSNPioQ

Photo credit: medium.com


Next thing you know is that you’re on the TOP 10 MOST WANTED PEOPLE OF THE POLICE FORCE!!!!

Very dangerous, right?

You walk capped and looking from side to side

Just in case someone spots you and acts otherwise on you

As the years go by, you adamantly refuse to reform diligently and end up cornered, one day.


Photo credit: shponline.co.uk


Little do you know that your lights are soon running out on you?

Eventually the lights go out on you, one very ordinary Monday!


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