It’s hair….seriously, HAIR, that’s been loc’ed down

And not because it was done out of fear, like they made us believe all this time

…by the black people in “those communities”


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They never told us that “black is beautiful”

My inspiration to write tis came from a story I read, recently, of a young girl, 7 years of age, that defied the societal expectations set upon her and where she came from

This school she’s in, asked her not to come to school with her loc’ed hair with the reason that it would turn out “unhygienic”….

But then, her colleagues at school that aren’t black of her skin colour were granted the privilege of loc’ing their hair and moving to school freely, with it that way


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Imagine that….let it sink in for a moment


So, they proceed to court and guess what, the young lady with her shiny loc’ed black hair won the case against the school, on grounds of unjust treatment and inequality!

HISTORIC, if you ask me!


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I tried to imagine the level of fear that a 7 year old child would instill in her colleagues at school because of the hair she carries on her head….did it carry missiles in it, at one time?

Did it look so heavy to the eyes of so many that it seemed to explode in their faces at any second?

Was it just unacceptable for this child to have their hair and work it any way she deems fit?


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So many things came to mind but very many options for answers, as well

Being that I loc’ed mine as well, effective this year, 2018

I understand what she went through and her mother, too.



Ps. I’ll tell you my story about loc’ing someday but let me say this again, very strongly,


THEY’RE locs AND NOT dread-locks ~ for there’s nothing to fear about them”

33 thoughts on “Locs and not dreadlocks

  1. You know my 6yr old daughter saw a man with the longest locs she had ever seen & she was in awe! She couldn’t understand how he got it to grow so long & her unruly hair isn’t reaching her bottom yet! 😂
    So tell us what is the difference with locs & dreadlocks?

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  2. I just saw a commercial of a little girl who didn’t like her hair and her dad made it a point to highlight beautiful black women who embrace their curls. The little girl then did too.
    My family is Latin with kinky curls and my granddaughter is pale complexion with straight hair. But she Mimicks everything we do, down to the battle with our curls and she has none lol.
    The point I wanted to make is that everyone should grow up embracing how God made them. Curls, straight or locs but the media makes that so hard to do, it’s like they want a certain look to be the prominent look and if you don’t fit that mold antidepressants are waiting for you. Its crazy, but if we start at home like I’m sure that girl had as she found strength and confidence to go to court over it, then hopefully one day it will pick up speed In the world and change the outlook of others.

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    1. 😂😂😂 “and if you don’t fit that mold antidepressants are waiting for you”….so funny and true in the world today! I love that about you…embracing and loving who you are. 😊❤️🤗✊🏼


  3. Fantastic that this little girl won her case. Racism shows itself in many ways, and her winning is another win against racist decisions. Thank you for sharing.

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