TBH, can’t you use more of these, one of these days?

Can’t our family use one of these or all of them?

Can’t our nation make good use of these, one of these days?


Photo credit: rastaempire.com


Gosh, there’s so much narcissism outta here

Everybody drenched in greed and vanity and fulfilling of their personal agenda

Indifferent of what happens to the rest of us, outside their social circles

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Photo credit: extranewsfeed.com


I want somebody to share their meal with me without having to expect anything in return

I want to go outta my crib and dance myself silly in the street without anybody judging me

I want to get a day, sometime, next week, and bonga with law enforcement without having to be batoned to shreds, yeah?


Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org


I know, it’s such a tall order to call for and most of all, maintain, in the world we live in today

We can surely try, right?

Just like that one thing we’ve always wanted to do but were so afraid till we actually tried it out


Photo credit: largeup.com


Am not sure which order you will follow on these

But I’ll certainly follow love

In the first place….

Then, peace would follow in line… in second place

We would be destined for unity in the end, having come this far, don’t ya agree?


Photo credit: jahworksradio.com


                                                                    Peace out y’all

20 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Unity

  1. There is a lot of growth we need in our world today. We all need to take every little thing a little less personally. We need to remember to be kind to one another.

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  2. I think there’s a lot of love just not enough peace and I don’t know as a whole if we can ever achieve unity but it’s wishful thinking. People just need to stop focusing so much on the difference and the negatives and learn to smile and say thank you, it really does go a long way.

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  3. Really like your blog posts and you seem like a great person with a good heart and mind. 🙂 (coming late from the Susie’s meeting party, hehe).

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  4. Yes indeed. Peace, unity and love. It is definitely someone we should all aim for. But this takes time and so many people give up if they find it is taking longer than expected. I say aim for it and be patient.

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