April 2018…. Allow me take you back in time, to this very interesting training I was part of


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Organized by Reach A Hand Uganda and on invitation from them,

We were all gathered in Ntinda

Journos, Law practitioners, sexuality education specialists, bloggers, writers….simply put, educators of all kinds

For 2 days


To learn more about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, first of all

Then, learn about the law (traditional, national, regional and international) and what it says about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Most all, incorporate the two, as we report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in our communities, country and world, in general



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You can imagine how many familiar faces I saw there, that day

Resulting from the numerous interactions we’ve had over the years in this field

The food…..which is usually my closest friend at any one time….bruh!

It was to die for….




There was this one particular exercise we had, among others of course …..AGREE or DISAGREE

I strongly believe, till now, that it was about “busting” all these myths, facts and misconceptions we had about SRHR.

A number of questions were asked us, to which there were two papers labeled agree / disagree at either end of the circle, to stand against in defence of or against

One question that I can’t forget…. Sex before marriage is good.



You can imagine the kind of battle we had in the moment….being in the world we are in today


Then, there was the ice-breaker where we teamed up in two’s

And all we had to do, was share about that one intimate secret of a crush we had back in school

Oh boy….another hill for many of us to climb, you can imagine…. The anxiety and numerous elephants in the room at that time



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Try asking yourself this….what comes to your mind when you hear of the word, “sexuality”? See for yourself what came to our minds, at the time



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Just when you think you know enough, you actually realize you don’t….

Take this, for example… what becomes of a penis in a baby-girl is the clitoris!

Yyyaassssss!!!! I can see you flinching your eyes and squinting your face for clarity of this….that’s how I was, that moment when Zai mentioned this.



Photo credit: teenvogue.com


Came day-2, of the training


This is where most of the unlearning came from

I’d love to take your attention to the numerous yellow cards displayed on the floor

They had numbers inscribed unto them

Representing ages in life, of humans

And our transitions in our sexual lives




From 0 to 75 years and more, like the title for this one says

So, we were divided into groups that had a task of listening out to a certain human behaviour ~ ranging from conceiving to the stop of sperm-manufacturing and assign it to a particular age or age group, listed on the yellow cards we talked about

Using orange sticky-notes or pages or whatever you choose to call them




Notice how some cards are “literally” empty

And others are so full, buzzing with activity?

That says a lot about what’s going on around us, right?

As kids, adolescents, young adults, parents, grandparents




I want to leave you with a task….Look around those cards…

Identify the gaps that exist, find those answers ASAP and make yourself some peace and quiet for your olden days, for Pitt’s sake!



21 thoughts on “0 – 75+ = Your life journey

  1. Interesting meeting, I am sure there some moments when everyone was uncomfortable. The topic of sex and education is still taboo even in our modern culture.

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  2. Eine interessante Veranstaltung. Für mich wäre das nichts gewesen … weil mich die Inhalte und Übungen einfach nicht ansprechen. Aber Geschmäcker sind ja verschieden und das ist gut so. Jeder hat seine Themen :-).


    Liked by 1 person

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