Back in August, I was in Jinja, on official duty with the SRHR Alliance of Uganda

And I was getting to the rendez-vous point of meeting up with Olly, my most immediate boss, on the boda-boda,

We ride past this nice-looking place bearing a huge signpost, “Nile Village Hotel, Jinja”!!!



Photo credit: SRHR Alliance Uganda


I look at it as my boda person slows down towards the huge hump ahead of us

And it catches my mind

I make a promise to myself that I must go to this place sometime

Either to have a meal from there, stay there as a guest or in the very least, make a tour of the place



Photo credit:


So, last week, at a social cause gathering, I happen to meet with Olly who informs me of the upcoming trip to Eastern Uganda that we are going to have

She specifically told me I should turn up on Thursday but I guess my mind had other plans off-head

I decided to tttuuurrrrnnnttttttt on Wednesday



DoFUowoXsAA0S5a.jpg large


So, I get to Jinja and call Olly to find out where she is exactly.

She says that she’s stepped out of Jinja briefly and that I should have my back only for tonight

Exactly that, is what I did



Photo credit:


I get to my room at Tourist Bay Hotel which is a little further away from the Nile Village Hotel

Check in, unpack my computer and decide to watch Ozark….i believe that was episode 6

I had lazily tried completing up to the hour but my sleep got the better of me, as usual, of late

And then, when I was done with that endeavor, my crazy idea of having my dinner from the Nile Village Hotel popped up in my head!



Photo credit:


I entertained the thought of it, at first

I fancied my chances and luck that evening

My mind told me, “why not, mehn, why not”? My tummy said exactly the same thing

I knew it was a match made in heaven





So, I shut down my PC at 6:05 PM EAT

Pack my computer back into my bag

And headed out to the reception to declare my property for safe storage, till I was back from my “kimele”.




I begin taking my walk to the Nile Village, real slowly

Banging some Damian Marley chunes in my ears

By half past the hour, I strongly believe I was at the gate, for “checking in”!



Photo credit:


Security informed me that I had to leave my water-bottle with them, at the gate, for procedural purposes

I obliged diligently

Walked to the reception, right away

Where I met a very helpful person

Who assisted me out with 2 major issues….

  1. Being where the restaurant is and then
  2. Availing me with a copy of the hotel’s brochure

Yyyoooo….I was in things!!!!!


With my brochure in hand, I was on my way to my umbrella shade

Ready for the dinner

To show you that I was sooo ready for this evening, I didn’t ask for the password to the WiFi, something which I normally do when I step into a new place

Got myself seated and Justine, my waitress for the day, handed me the menus to make a choice or choices




I ordered boneless chicken with fries and a bowl of rice, accompanied by a Mountain Dew, my all-time fav soda

Somebody find me the missing emoji to this story




My order didn’t take forever as I had anticipated….more reason for carrying my earphones and reggae with me (big goal you scored there, Nile Village Hotel)

Swish swish….food is here, Ntemid

Keep calm….the food is ready for you!




I must admit….i had a problem with the kuku

It was quite too much for my teeth….a little hard than the versions of boneless chicken that I eat

The fries were marvelous….the share handed to me was more than enough, I admit

The rice…aaahhhhh….a bowl to die for

Same goes for the side-sauce….finger-licking and jaw-dropping!




All this went for a cool 36,000 Uganda shillings

In case you don’t dig this currency, you might want to do your math and visit the currency-exchange counter, at that

When Justine came to hand me my bill, I engaged her in talk about the cottages….I read about them in the brochure and I needed to know if they were the ones I was looking at, from across the lawn

She nodded in affirmation that they were the one and I liked them


Very unique concept, they are

If you’ve visited some hotels in Uganda, you’ll realize that the idea of cottages like this, isn’t such a common one

The ones we usually have here are a little not up to the standard, if you know what I mean

I promise you, you might read a blog post from me, very soon, from the time I spent in the cottages



Photo credit:


Nile Village Hotel, you guys rock

Keep going after the ceiling that’s after the blue sky that the naked eye sees

You lived up to my silent expectations and rose above them, as well


The dollars spent there, are sooo worth it!




10 thoughts on “Nile Village Hotel, Jinja

  1. Your post gave me a totally different look at Uganda – I don’t know a lot about Uganda since not many people go there and in general, they prefer to focus on Japan or US but from what I see it’s even more friendly than some South European or Western European countries – at least the hotel looks very trendy while in some countries in Europe hotels can still look like they are stuck in the communism.

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  2. okay two things:
    1. This is exactly why I’m building a travel company.
    2. You remember that waitress’ name. Is there more to this story you have ‘mistakenly’ skipped?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow what a nice experience, ur enticing me to have lunch their off my usual petrol station stopover I can’t recall the name but near the bridge.Thx bro

    Liked by 1 person

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