PG-Rating: This isn’t a convo for cooking oil or anything close to it


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And also, this is not about how this particular oil forms up in the ground….that process just might be too long for this post of ours

I strongly suggest you do some Googling on your own



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We will be talking about the oil itself and Uganda


Many of us have been hearing about this liquid that was discovered in our mama-land

We haven’t seen a drop of it, though

Many of us are worried that we many never see a drop of it, with the way things are going in mama-land, these days



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Some of us have started asking kweshans like does this oil thing exist, for real?

Is this another scam from our elders to us, the yute?

Is this another way to get us calm about the injustices that are happening to us?



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All we’ve seen in the papers, year in year out, are news that contracts and MOU’s (whatever those mean) are being signed with all these multi-national companies

For them to assist us with safe and better ways of exploring our oil

To construct all this stuff, where our oil shall be transported to God knows where

In the future….which we don’t know about



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Eeehhhh….too many questions

So few answers, as usual

The state of the world all over

We would love to leave you with a couple kweshans, ourselves



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Is Oil-ing in Uganda or

Is somebody oil-ing Uganda for bigger things?


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