Sex On-Demand

We like this sex, on demand In HD In dark corners On our phones and tablets, under the lowest display of light that can be used With our computer screens turned away from our proper view of sight Behind closed doors and earphones plugged in Photo credit:   Am talking about PORNOGRAPHY   To … Continue reading Sex On-Demand


Surviving BidiBidi

The unseen world, of ours, as seen, “outside” the mainstream media!

stuart tibaweswa

BidiBidi, a refugee settlement in Northern Uganda with thousands of refugees from Sudan homing themselves. Living in this situation is pretty sad, hard and tough as the war torn people live in despair with no idea of how they will be tomorrow  in the camp. Women are the most hardworking people in the camp, they do their best to make a penny for the family. At food distribution which happens once a month, they are given one sack of sorghum and beans which they feed on year-in year-out however some sell off some of it so that they can buy other needs like soap,sugar name them. After distribution little kids are seen picking the beans that have dropped. Surviving in a foreign country is quit tough especially if you have to struggle to earn a penny. This work tries to gives identity to the refugees in this country and prove…

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