ME: Guys, let’s get going already

THEM: Eeeehhhhhh bwana…..chillax a bit….you’ve said that already and we are literally stuck up to the throat, with it.


ME: That’s what you guys always say

THEM: Aaaahhhhhh….be quiet, naawe


ME: Do you guys even know where exactly we are going?

THEM: We will see when we get there!!!! Ssshhhuuusssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…


ME: Hhhhmmmmmmm…..ait

THEM: (Back to whatever they were doing)


ME: (Walks out of the room, in astonishment)

THEM: (in small talks) Who does this dude think he is?


ME: What do I do with this bunch of people?

THEM: Hehe….we will see soon


ME: The road we are taking is having so many challenges with it….before we can get to Problems.

THEM: Llliiiikkkkeeeeeee????


ME: It’s like you haven’t been on this route before, in the past???? How can you honestly ask me that?

THEM: Hehe…..listen to this guy. Are you serious, kweli?


ME: Never been so serious

THEM: (Chuckles…)


ME: Look around you…..have you seen what’s happening around you? Back home, at work, at school, in the neighbourhood, our community…..

THEM: Yyyyeeeaaahhhhhh….what about them?


ME: The corruption and how it has eaten inside our lives….the impunity of some of those in positions of power, injustice in the judicial system, the levels of illiteracy, genital mutilation, all this gender-based violence….

THEM: (A number of them are seen picking interest, as they sip from their bottles)….


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ME: You know, at times, I just want to break down and give it all up….but then, I remember that the world is better off, with me, fighting on my end, to make it better, with every small effort that I can afford.

SAM: Now that you’ve spoken about these things, so many things are coming back to memory!!!!

THE REST OF THEM: Aaaannnnhhhhaaaaaaaa….


ME: Let’s hear it, bruh

SAM: Look how lawless we have become, of late. It’s like our forefathers did nothing, to teach us any manners and proper social behaviour. All we are after, these days, is how we benefit from all this! Even when we see an injustice happening, no one is ready to speak out against it lest they will be called a sissy or some piece of dumb…..

THE REST OF THEM: Point there, big time, Sammy!


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ME: The kweshan should be….are you ready to change the status-quo?

RWEGO: Hhhmmmmm….not me, mehn! You know my story….come on!

BIBI: Nnnnnaaaahhhhhhh…I’ll pass.

OXXY: Hehe….if my bwoys see me in dem papers doing this….I don’t know what they will think of me. So, nnaaahhhh.

THE REST OF THEM: (Looking on the floor, silent)


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ME: That’s it? Hhhhhmmmmmmm….this is really unbelievable

31 thoughts on “Who are you waiting for?

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  2. Lovely article..yes it’s on us where we go…the future is in our hands…whom are we waiting for to take us through…we got to walk through on our own…
    Write our own story.
    God bless you

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  3. Very interesting!! I usually have a similar discussion with my mom. I grew up in a 3rd World Country and when people complain about how other countries don’t help out I usually tell them that they can start with small things first like not give bribes, not accept bribes, not throw trash in the streets, park in only allowed spots, respect traffic lights etc. All these small things help improve the collective life!! Other countries can’t help with that.

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