+256 7– ——

Sometime, in 20–, a young person shows up, at an undisclosed location only to find a bunch of finely-dressed executives having some banter…. Photo credit: entrepreneur.com   Standing in a circle, holding drinks and food in their arms….   Emily: Last month, I happened to be at this function where there was this guy speaking about tech and the future…he mentioned how the future shall … Continue reading +256 7– ——

Use it

Your mouth… use it Your voice…. Use it The internet….. use it The television…… use it The radio…… use it Your friendship ……use it The car over there….. use it Your bed….. use it Your computer…. Use it The electricity…. Use it Food….. use it The water….. use it The weather …. Use it The climate….. use it The soil…. Use it The brain….. use … Continue reading Use it

Cross uncrossed

Decided on something In another second, you undecided on something Photo credit: inc.com   You was walking one direction Then, you flip’ in heart and undecided to head the other direction Photo credit: psychologytoday.com   Generous today with everyone One year later, you’ve undecided on all that and are meaner like never before Photo credit: superstarfloraluk.com   Sound like anybody you know?   I guess … Continue reading Cross uncrossed

Comprehensive Sexuality Education – Who is responsible?

There’s me There’s my neighbour There’s my parents There’s my parents at school There’s my teachers at school There’s my peers on street There’s my peers out of school Photo credit: tinycards.duolingo.com There’s my pastor… There’s my transport person There’s my local council chairperson There’s my county sheriff There’s my news chief Photo credit: videoblocks.com Most of all, there’s my mp Then, there’s my house … Continue reading Comprehensive Sexuality Education – Who is responsible?