Don’t point that thing at somebody you aren’t ready to shoot at!

It’s something that has a rather long end to it, where something metallic is pushed out, with great force When somebody has squeezed its trigger or otherwise….that is, when it fires itself off due to a fall and its safety is off or in a fire….many things can happen….you just can’t tell exactly what may … Continue reading Don’t point that thing at somebody you aren’t ready to shoot at!


Walking to the House Of Lords

You know, I look back at the days I spent at Namilyango College….there was this House of residence called Hanlon…. Many of us would call it the House of Lords How that came about to be, I don’t know Because it looks like this name has been so around for ages and isn’t about to … Continue reading Walking to the House Of Lords

Remember Me….

How would you want to remember me? Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm Would it be fine if I’m remembered as the person that caused a lot of heartache everywhere he went? Or not? Photo credit: huddersfieldcliming   Would you be offended if you did remember me during those times of peace and harvest around the village, as the … Continue reading Remember Me….

Chicken love….

For some weeks now, I’ve closely observed the brown birds at home For I have been very fascinated by how they live their lives, alongside their little ones My fascination begun right from the time when she was laying her eggs in the kitchen…. (Yeah…..) An egg a day…. usually, before she begun skipping in-between … Continue reading Chicken love….